Atlantic Yards Part Three: The Electric Car Shop

The Electric Car Shop
May 22, 2007 -

Underneath Atlantic Avenue is an abandoned "Electric Car Shop." Used to repair Long Island Railroad trains, it sits in the footprint of the Atlantic Yards development site, inside the Vanderbilt Railyards. Empty lunch rooms, abandoned offices, ransacked archives, all with the lights still on. The train yard and nearby tunnels are still in use by the Long Island Railroad, but this shop seems to have been empty for years.

Other photos from the railyard have been posted on this blog here and here. More photographs of this space were also taken by Nate Dorr. For more information on this controversial construction project, visit these resources:

In the Trench

Eat Me

Graffiti:"Typical LIRR Supervisor"

Abandoned Lunch Room

New Bulletins

Shopping Cart in the Trench



The Long Shop

Red Windows

View from a Window: Wards Bakery

Red Hook Container Terminal


May 12, 2007 -

The Red Hook container terminal is Brooklyn's last active shipping container port. It has been threatened with closure numerous times, to make way for waterfront development. The port is run by American Stevedoring and The Port Authority. In May 2007, Robert Guskind at The Gowanus Lounge wrote about "the city's plan to close the Red Hook container port and redevelop the waterfront for a variety of uses," quoting a New York Sun article which stated "the city's plan for the piers... is part of the administration's larger efforts to open up area waterfronts to the public, as the city creates a network of new esplanades, water taxis, and developments along the water's edge."

Two Cranes

Number 2

Under the Crane

Blue, White, Red