New York City's Forgotten Waterways

December 2014 -

As 2014 comes to a close, Curbed NY has published the final installment of my recent mini-series about New York City's forgotten waterways. This series explores lesser-known waterways in all five boroughs of New York City, including Staten Island's Lemon Creek, Brooklyn's Coney Island Creek, Queens' Hook Creek and Flushing River, and the Harlem River, which flows between Manhattan and the Bronx.

As sea levels continue to rise worldwide, New York City is in the process of reconsidering its relationship with the water that surrounds it. Each of these photo essays explores a different aspect of the city's plans for the waterfront, while examining issues of pollution, flooding, resiliency and access. This series documented many the city's new waterfront parks, wetlands and marshes, while also telling the stories of communities living on the water's edge.

A link to each photo essay is included below:

- New York's Once-Neglected Harlem River Experiences a Rebirth (Sept. 2014)
- Queens Forgotten River Looks Ahead to Cleanup and Change (Oct. 2014)
- Coney Island's Untamed Creek, Caught Between Past and Future (Nov. 2014)
- Following Hook Creek Through Ghost Towns and Wetlands (Dec. 2014)
- Little-Known Lemon Creek Winds Through Staten Island History (Dec. 2014)