Photographing The Post Sandy Shoreline

October 2014 -

For the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, Curbed has published my three part photo essay looking at how New York City's waterfront has been transformed since the storm. This series of photo essays - collectively titled The Post-Sandy Shoreline - looks at the divergent recovery efforts in three different areas that were hardest hit by the storm - Breezy Point in the Rockaways, Sea Gate in Brooklyn and Oakwood Beach and Ocean Breeze in Staten Island.  These photo essays encompass two years of photographic work, tracking the progress made since Hurricane Sandy devastated New York's waterfront. They can be viewed at Curbed using the following links:

- Breezy Point Residents Choose to Remain and Rebuild
- Two Years On, Coney Island Enclave Still Awaits Recovery
- Residents Retreat From Staten Island's Hard-Hit Waterfront