Brooklyn Navy Yard: Building 1

December 18th, 2007 -

The Brooklyn Navy Yard's Building 1 was formerly a barracks, complete with movie theater, laundry and rifle range. It has been empty for years, with paint peeling off the walls and broken windows throughout. Building 1 is now being leased to Steiner Studios, and is an important part of their larger expansion at the Navy Yard. Recent articles at Curbed, Brownstoner and the New York Post discuss this planned expansion in detail. In the meantime, Building 1 will soon be completely renovated by Steiner Studios. This is a last look at its original interior.

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Corner Office

Decayed Doors

Department of Defense



Stay Navy


Projection Booth

Rooftop Radio Tower

The Freedom Tunnel - "Covered Tracks"

"Covered Tracks" is a short documentary inspired by my photography of industrial New York City. The film explores The Freedom Tunnel, a 50-block-long train tunnel running underneath Manhattan's Upper West Side. The tunnel was built by Robert Moses in the 1930's and once housed a huge homeless population. Today, it is largely deserted, although it contains an active Amtrak line. Children play in Riverside Park overhead as trains thunder through the wreckage below, past decades-old graffiti and the ruins of an underground homeless city.

"Covered Tracks" is a gritty portrait of this beautiful and rarely seen part of New York City. I directed the film, and co-produced it with Meghan O'Hara. Photographer Nate Dorr was an associate producer of the film. To create "Covered Tracks," we filmed for one year, pushing a homemade dolly down miles of train tracks.

"Covered Tracks" has screened at film festivals around the world, including Slamdance, the San Francisco Independent Film Festival, the Boston Underground Film Festival, and the Rooftop Film Festival in New York. It won the "Directors Award" at the Black Maria Film Festival.

For more information, visit the films myspace page.