Brooklyn Freight: Underneath Bay Ridge

June 30th, 2o07 -

This set of photographs comes from the Bay Ridge Branch, a freight line running underneath Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Not only is this 130 year old train line a potential new superhighway through Brooklyn, it could also be instructive to the developers of the Atlantic Yards and the Hudson Yards. Above these still-active train tracks is a huge housing complex and private park, supported by a series of massive concrete pillars, bearing a strikingly similarity to plans for both the Hudson and Atlantic Yards. The tracks continue on towards Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.

For more photo essays from Brooklyn's freight train tracks, please visit Underneath Flatbush (2007), Linden Hill Tracks (2007) and Underneath East New York (2007).

Pillar Jungle

Concrete Platform

Between Trains

Freight, Steel, Concrete

Near the Tracks

In the Debris

The Long View

The Domino Sugar Refinery

June 6th, 2007 -

The Domino Sugar Refinery - in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - is a massive industrial complex on the East River. Shut down several years ago, Domino still houses hundreds of pieces of heavy industrial equipment. Abandoned offices, lunchrooms, science labs, locker rooms and loading bays are in one building, while another houses floor after floor of vats, boilers and furnaces. Molasses covers every surface, burnt brown sugar cakes the floor, and a sickening sweet stench pervades the entire complex. Domino is one of the last remnants of Brooklyn's historic industrial waterfront and may soon be landmarked.

Three other photographers also have shots from this expedition into the complex : F-Trainer, Blue Jake and Mercurialn.

Update: The Domino Sugar Refinery was partially landmarked in September, 2007. However, almost every area seen in the following photographs is slated for demolition.

This Way Out

Molasses and Insulation

The Locker Room


Decayed Bay

Ground Floor


Peeling Stairwell

Open Windows

Hatches and Columns

String Machine



Massive Blue Bin

Inside the Skybridge

Glass and Wire

Science Lab/"For Food Only"

Domino Tower

Sugar Coated

The view from above - Kent Street

Company Colors/Inside the Tower