Chance Ecologies - 2015-2016

Summer 2015 - Summer 2016

Since 2015, I have been co-curating Chance Ecologies, an ongoing project creating a framework for artistic practices exploring unplanned, post-industrial wild spaces in New York City.  This project began with a summer-long investigation of Hunter's Point South, Queens in 2015, led by Catherine Grau and Stephen Zacks and myself.  In 2016, it expanded into an exploration of the Flushing River, curated by Catherine Grau and myself as part of a 6-week-long artists residency at the Studio In The Park at the Queens Museum, and an exploration of the Newtown Creek for the Queens Museum's exhibit Nonstop Metropolis: The Remix. Together with a group of over 20 international artists based in Brooklyn and Queens, Chance Ecologies has created an invaluable archive of materials from these unique parts of the city's waterfront. In October 2016, this work was exhibited at the Queens Museum in a new group show titled Chance Ecologies: Queens.

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