Brooklyn Freight: Underneath Bay Ridge

June 30th, 2o07 -

This set of photographs comes from the Bay Ridge Branch, a freight line running underneath Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Not only is this 130 year old train line a potential new superhighway through Brooklyn, it could also be instructive to the developers of the Atlantic Yards and the Hudson Yards. Above these still-active train tracks is a huge housing complex and private park, supported by a series of massive concrete pillars, bearing a strikingly similarity to plans for both the Hudson and Atlantic Yards. The tracks continue on towards Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.

For more photo essays from Brooklyn's freight train tracks, please visit Underneath Flatbush (2007), Linden Hill Tracks (2007) and Underneath East New York (2007).

Pillar Jungle

Concrete Platform

Between Trains

Freight, Steel, Concrete

Near the Tracks

In the Debris

The Long View

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  1. Oh yes! I've always wondered what it exactly looked like underneath the street in that area, but couldn't find any specific pics of it until now. Only seen glimpses of what it looks like underneath in person, but not the full picture. Thank you!