Brooklyn Freight: Underneath East New York

August 24th, 2007 -

A 1914 tunnel runs under East New York, Brooklyn, along a section of a freight line originating in Bay Ridge. This tunnel, a grade crossing elimination built by Robert Moses, is approximately one mile long. It travels underneath the tangled tracks of Broadway Junction, where the LIRR meets several MTA trains. It is pitch black inside the tunnel, which is home to an abandoned train station and empty freight cars. One entry is guarded by a massive junkyard rottweiler, while the other end is active with homeless visitors.

For more photo essays from Brooklyn's freight train tracks, please visit Underneath Flatbush (2007), Linden Hill Tracks (2007) and Underneath Bay Ridge (2007).

Abandoned Station Platform

Abandoned Station Entrance

On the Tracks

Underneath East New York

Track Glow

Dark Exit

Leaking Tanker


  1. looks like you guys had a great day for track walking

  2. Yeah - was a nice day except for the rottweiller. Thanks for telling us about that location! I forget why you didnt come out, but I am sorry you didn't get to be there.

  3. that 'track glow' picture shore is purdy.

  4. Your photos are amazing. When you going back out to take some more? :)

  5. These photos are great! Would anyone mind telling me how to get there?