Brooklyn Navy Yard: GMD Shipyard

November 28th, 2007 -

The GMD Shipyard lies within the Brooklyn Navy Yard and is rarely - if ever - open to the public. The shipyard houses three graving docks and at least eight cranes. After Ikea's recent destruction of the Todd Shipyard in Red Hook, GMD has become a vital resource on the waterfront. It is Brooklyn's last industrial ship repair facility and one of New York City's last remaining shipyards. Recently, according to workers in the Navy Yard, it was threatened with destruction, to be replaced by an extension of the film studios in the Navy Yard.

These photos were taken during a Portside New York event, a group that "seeks to breathe life into the relationship between landside communities and the maritime sector—to the advantage of both."

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  1. what's with the ufo's in the last two shots (next to the crane with the lighting in the last shot)...?

  2. Don't know where you got your info from, but the expansion of the Movie Studio was NEVER a threat to the dry docks. That's just false. The area targeted by the movie studio for expansion is on the other side of the Yard.

  3. Anonymous 1: Those UFOs are light trails from planes flying by... these are longer exposure photos, leaving the shutter open for up to 30 seconds.

    Anonymous 2: I got my information directly from inside the shipyard. I was told that closing the yards was a possibility that was tabled after the outcry surrounding the destruction of the Todd Shipyard in Red Hook.

    On top of that, one area definitely targeted for the expansion of Steiner Studios is not on the "other side" of the Navy Yard - it is directly north east, and includes Building 1 and the hospital campus.

    FYI - I've stated it before, but I ask that people put there name on their comments.

  4. Looks like this park and land/waterside development will bring a new wave of renters/buyers who are outpriced in Park Slope.