Brooklyn Navy Yard: Building 128

January 16th, 2008 -

Building 128 is a complex of massive warehouses inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard, "as big and hulking as an airport hangar," according to the NY Times. Building 128 was built in 1899, and was a "steel structure... used to assemble large boiler engines and fabricated sections of naval vessels," according to Historic Structures - a document from the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation. It is currently slated for destruction, as "BNYDC will adaptively reuse the building’s foundation and steel and develop a Food Complex."

According to Mayor Bloomberg this adaptive reuse means "partial demolition," as "three new industrial buildings will replace a large, deteriorating structure." A Mayor's Office press release states these new buildings will contain "over 300,000 square feet of food manufacturing and processing space." As demolition proceeds on this historic structure, Mayor Bloomberg unveiled a mural from Building 128 as "the first artifact in the Historical Center" at the Navy Yard.

The following photographs take a last look at the interior of this 109 year old complex.

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  1. Awesome pics! Thanks for taking them!

  2. These are really great. Glad to finally see them!

  3. Once again you have proven your blog to be a valuable resource for bloggers wanting to make the best out of their blogs.

  4. Back in the late 80's my mom actually worked in one of the buildings here(I wasnt permitted inside so not sure which one). It was actually the headquarters for the Brooklyn North Tactical Narcotics Team. It would be funny to watch all the people coming out of there who looked like crack addicts and homeless people who were actually undercover cops in disguise. Your picture blogs have brought back so many memories for me and I truly want to thank you.