Bushwick Inlet

April 15th 2008 -

Bushwick Inlet is a lonely East River cove in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Bordered by the Bayside Oil Terminal and a large collection of collapsed piers, it is currently a quiet refuge for birds. Like Bush Terminal and Hunters Point South, this is one of New York City's last great pieces of fenced-off industrial wilderness. Bushwick Inlet has a long history as an industrial site, including the building and launching of the ironclad Monitor, which fought a famous naval battle in the Civil War. Today, all this is overgrown with trees, but in the near future the inlet may become a 28-acre city park. Over $100 million has been earmarked by the Parks Department for the purchase and development of the Bayside site, according to a recent report. A second park is planned at 50 Kent Avenue, just south of the inlet. For more on the proposed development of Bushwick Inlet, see Gothamist, Curbed, Brownstoner and the Gowanus Lounge.


  1. Nathan, I love your photographs. I'm always thrilled when a new series pops up on my RSS feed.

    Thanks for doing what you do--

  2. The heron corpse is absolutely incredible.

  3. these photos are amazing. the framing is superb. and the colors are really dramatic. great collection. keep on posting!