Floyd Bennett Airfield

May 15th, 2008 -

Across the street from Dead Horse Bay lies Floyd Bennett Airfield, a part of the National Parks Service's neglected Gateway National Recreation Area. This abandoned airport houses decaying hangars, cracked runways, a ransacked police station, closed-off tunnels, lost boats and antique airplanes, all visible from its empty control tower. Floyd Bennett was New York City's first municipal airport and opened in 1931. Like JFK Airport, it is located on the shores of Jamaica Bay, a vast nature preserve. Its long history includes record-breaking flights by Howard Hughes, Amelia Earhart and "Wrong Way" Corrigan. Today, it hosts cricket players, a large community garden and a shiny new sports complex that has changed the quiet nature of the park.

Department of the Interior

Collapsed Interior


Police Station

Square Windows

Flushing Town Hall

Graffiti Room

Hangar Installation

Boiler Room


Nose Gunner



  1. Stunners. Really beautiful work.

  2. please don't ever stop blowing me away

  3. You have inspired me to want to go back. Without a broken wrist in tow, this time. We should take a picnic.