Colonna Marble - Astoria, Queens

July 29th, 2008 -

The Colonna Marble company was one of the last small industrial businesses on the East River in Queens. Its waterfront lot overlooked upper Manhattan and Roosevelt Island from steep 60 foot high cliffs. Though there are many marble companies near the Greek neighborhood of Astoria, these photos show the demise of a rare piece of the East River industrial waterfront, now reduced to empty offices, ruined warehouses and a haven for wild cats.


  1. Having passed by these desolate landscapes
    all my life, without context or comment,
    it's wonderful how your photographs
    bring awareness of these ruined industrial sites,
    and curiosity about the history and human endeavor
    that created them.

  2. Solid photos Nathan . . . also - congrats on the recent exposure over at NY Times (

  3. great images. very professional!
    its an honor to drop by your page.

  4. On what street is it located?

    These are wonderful.