Newtown Creek: The Dutch Kills

October 21, 2008 -

On the Queens side of the Newtown Creek, several small freight lines diverge from the waterfront. Some tracks lead to the Sunnyside Yards, some wander off into dense foliage before disappearing, and others cross rusted old bridges above the Dutch Kills - the northern branch of the Newtown Creek. Beneath this tangled web of tracks, roadways, overpasses, dirt paths and wood-plank walkways lies the creek itself. Its waters are a dark, unnatural green. Nothing appears to live in them. The Newtown Creek is considered to be America's most polluted body of water, and the world's largest urban oil spill. However, as on the south side of the creek, it can also be a quiet haven in the heart of this industrial dead zone.

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  1. Your photographs are haunting, and valuable. The golden light of autumn makes everything look somehow beneficent, doesn't it? Thank you for your work -- and stay safe.

    A Mom