Picturing New York City's Post-Industrial Waterfront

In March 2010, I was invited by the New York City Parks and Recreation Department to present a slideshow and lecture at the Metropolitan Exchange. My talk was titled "Picturing New York City's Post-Industrial Waterfont" and included photographs from sites like the Gowanus Canal, The Bronx Swamp, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The presentation was described by Time Out New York as being by "our favorite photographer and documentarian of the rough edges of NYC..."

This presentation was part of "Freshkills Park Talks" - a lecture series related to the Freshkills Park project in Staten Island, which I photographed in 2009. It was hosted by The Metropolitan Exchange, "an architecture, urban planning, and research cooperative located in downtown Brooklyn." For more information, please visit the Metropolitan Exchange website and the Freshkills Park website.

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  1. hi nathan-
    great talk and great to meet you.
    here's a link to a poem by mr. snyder- it's rather long, but it deals well with new york.http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1510/is_n61/ai_6896768/

    for something shorter and likely less good, here's my blog where I just posted my latest poem, it's about the hudson.

    let me know if you want company exploring some warehouses or if you can hiking sometime in the hudson highlands (mountains near poughkeepsie)