Sunset Park: S & S Machinery

August 26, 2010 -

Cincinnati grinder. Lansing chucker. Everett manual chop saw. Bliss horn press. The blunt poetics of industry are hidden in Sunset Park, inside an unmarked warehouse. This is the inventory storeroom for S & S Machinery, which was established in 1938 and claims to have "sold over 100,000 machines." Inside, hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment are lined up in orderly rows, a veritable museum of 1900's industry. The S & S collection is a constantly changing gallery - new machines are often acquired from plant closures around the country and then refurbished, sold and shipped out, frequently to developing nations. In this way, the S & S warehouse remains a dynamic, evocative illustration of American industrial history.

For more photo essays from Brooklyn's Sunset Park please visit Bush Terminal (2007), the Brooklyn Army Terminal (2008), the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (2009), Empire Electric (2009) and the 68th Police Precinct (2011). S & S Machinery is available as a film location through East of Hollywood NY.

Heavy Industry


Grey and Black

Steel Wheel


Dynamic Shapes

Control Grid

Tool Supply

Empty Storeroom

Dark Wood

The External Counterpulsation System

Empty Office

Machine Tangle



  1. Freakin' fantastic again man...I love the empty office one

  2. nice pictures, very evocative.

    tracked back to you from IO9 case you're wondering