Ikea Rising

Ikea Rising

March 13, 2007 -

These photographs are part of a long-term project documenting the rapid transformation of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Once a lively industrial waterfront neighborhood, Red Hook has been swept up by a development boom which is parceling off Brooklyn's waterfront. The last vestiges of Red Hook's industrial heritage are currently being torn down, including the Todd Shipyard on Beard Street, which is the site of a new Ikea furniture store. For more photographs from this series, view the Revere Sugar Refinery, the Todd Shipyard and the Red Hook Grain Terminal, and read my award winning 2006 essay about Beard Street, Red Hook.

Underneath Ikea

Halleck and Otsego

Rocky - Wild Dog

Grain Terminal View

Ikea Rising


  1. So now I gotta check another site to see your latest? This first set looks pretty fantastic. I had no idea that IKEA had progressed so far since I was last down there. Looks pretty eerie like that.

  2. Nate D-

    This site is for all the good stuff that I want to write a little something about. It will all end up on flickr at some point!


    - Nate K

  3. great photos.. amazing angles and the lines are really stunning.. what a great collection.

    keep on posting.