The Atlantic Yards

Two Windows
April 8th, 2007 -

These photographs are from inside the Atlantic Yards site in Brooklyn. This train yard, its tunnels, a train repair shop and large parts of the surrounding neighborhood may soon be covered by a massive new development. Though demolition has begun on surrounding buildings, the proposed project is still being protested by neighborhood groups such as Develop, Don't Destroy Brooklyn, while the official site of this development is here.

The Train Yard

Decayed Wall

At the Tunnel Entrance

View from the Yards


  1. Beautiful photos. A few things though, not to be too pedantic, but these are the Vanderbilt rail yards you've photographed. "Atlantic Yards" is the name brand of a Forest City Ratner's development plan.

    Additionally, Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn is not simply "protesting" the project, but has 2 suits in court. One against the project's use of eminent domain, the other against he projects faulty reveiw and approval.

    great photos though.

  2. Typical of the critics...the usual politically correct, almost Stalinist, approach to everything, including art. In particular, the scour the internet checking for language that does not suit their political requirements, ignoring all else. One underlying reason they will fail is that they have a lack of understanding of dynamics. Positions change. Language changes. Even location changes. Atlantic Yards IS a place, it is not a "brand name". And when it is completed, it WILL be downtown Brooklyn.

  3. Typical dishonest blog commenters. my comments started and ended with my appreciation for the photos.

    the so called "almost stalinistic approach to everything" is actually an approach to use correct language. and surely you, as an art connessiuer understand the important of language and image in this PR/Image drowned world. right? so language matters, can we agree on that rather than calling it a "stalinistic approach?" good, because if we can't agree that language matters then there is no point to this "conversation."

    so, lets go to the language. Indeed "Atlantic Yards" is a brand name of a real estate development plan. That is indisputable. The yards owned by the MTA which the developer wants to develop are called Vanderbilt Yards. Another indisputable fact. Indeed location does change, and indeed nobody calls this area "Atlantic Yards" or Downtown Brooklyn unless they are trying to make a point, a PR point.

    so you are just plain wrong Atlantic Yards is not a place. one day it may be, one day it may not be. but today as we type at each other it is not a place.

    and if, or as you say when, it is completed it WILL be downtown Brooklyn, of that you are sadly correct, one of the few downtowns that sticks its finger (or other appendage) directly in the eye of clearly non-downtown neighborhoods. But you know what? Today it is not Downtown Brooklyn. And clearly we are typing at each other today.

    Anyway, as the first post said, beautiful photos. but i guess Robert missed that line, typical of project supporters dishonesty.

  4. great work!

    i'm also a brooklyn photographer, and i'm documenting the yards and the surrounding neighborhoods as well.

    how did you gain access to the yards? i'd love to photograph there, too.

  5. Thanks for the comments on the photographs themselves.

    As for the text, I think it is appropriate to continue using the name "Atlantic Yards" here, if only to help clarify that these photographs are from a potential construction site and not just a rail yard. In all the articles I have read and conversations I have had, I have never heard the term "Vanderbilt Yards" used in reference to this area. Its good to know what the proper name for the rail yard is, though.

  6. hey Nathan don't get me wrong, as the anonymous poster above, I'll say it again, great photographs. i too was wondering how you gained access to those parts of the yards.

    i'll quit it with what the yards are named, the point has been made already. looking forward to more photos.