Brooklyn North District 1 Sanitation Garage

August 20th, 2008 -

The blistering pace of development along Kent Avenue, which parallels the East River, has already claimed industrial landmarks like the Kent Avenue Powerhouse and the Domino Sugar Refinery. Next is 50 Kent Avenue, just south of the Bushwick Inlet. Though hardly a landmark, this humble one-story truck depot still contains many interesting artifacts from Brooklyn's industrial past. Once home to the North District 1 Sanitation Garage, its abandoned offices contain leftover American flags, dump truck art and a map of the solar system.

Over $19 million may soon be invested in this simple plot of land. The garage is being redeveloped by the NY Parks Department as part of the city's massive "Greenpoint/Williamsburg Rezoning Plan" - which gave the Parks Department over $183 million to create 50 acres of new parkland along the East River. A recent Parks Department report - the "Fiscal 2009 Preliminary Budget Hearings" - mentions their plan to spend "$13.3 million for the acquisition of 50 Kent Ave. and $5.8 million for the design and construction of the 50 Kent Ave. site." In the meantime, the garage may enjoy a brief new life as a concert venue before demolition.

Update: By June 2009, this building had been completely demolished.


  1. This building was once used as a divers training facility, for navy sailors from the Brooklyn Navy yard. I am one of the San Men who use to work in this building and it is great to see the pictures of this old place.