G. Siegle Color Works - Rosebank, Staten Island

August 14, 2008 -

The G. Siegle Company Color Works was a 101 year old factory located in Rosebank, a colorfully named but otherwise quiet Staten Island neighborhood. According to Colorants History, the Color Works was "the oldest pigment plant in North America." It once made pigments of all hues, and the factory's remaining floors, walls, ceilings and equipment are still coated with bright dusts that instantly stain everything they come in contact with. In a recent New York Times article - "Rosebank: When Pink Pigeons Soared the Sky" - neighbors recalled seeing "pink pigeons" and "red-tinted birds, cats or other animals that had apparently frolicked near the powdery pigment produced at the plant." Workers also recalled that at one time, the factory was producing "up to 10,000 pounds a day" of "a shade of yellow" called "7285."

The Color Works was closed in early 2008. Today the demolition of the factory is nearly complete. Through broken walls, the hidden, vibrant colors of the factory are now exposed to the elements.


  1. Nathan,

    I grew up a few blocks from here, but didn't know it was recently demolished. I remember pink cats, pink pigeons, and one green uniformed father of a schoolmate who kinda looked tinted too. The air around the place smelled weird in a not-bad way, chalky, what a memory. Thanks so much for posting these interior shots, I never did see the inside.

    Also, I was at the Red Hook Film Festival today, that was outstanding too.

    Ann Marie

  2. I used to live on Chestnut Avenue from 1966 to 1992. I remember seeing the workers sitting outside having lunch. They were coloured red or yellow, I guess depending on which section they worked in. My mother still lives there. Our street has always smelled like the chemicals they were using. Strange as it may seem, whenever I visited my mother, I would smell the chemicals and think "Ah home sweet home!"- Joanne